Here are some additional ways you can take positive action in your community right now:

Create a safety plan & return to work checklist - In preparing our own return to work plans, we reviewed information available online from health authorities and various industry organizations and then developed some helpful documents to assist you in getting back to work safely.

Below is a helpful one page checklist to make sure we covered what we needed to in developing our migration plan back to the office. This one page check list was crafted to help our team prepare and understand what changes were being made and why. This checklist includes the five principles noted by the Premier as well as the general areas that businesses need to think about when building their return to work plan.

We thought you might find this document useful and thus provide it here for you to download:

Download our General Return to Workplace Readiness Checklist


Keep supporting local organizations/businesses - Whether it is your local associations, or your local gym membership, please do not cancel your memberships. We will get past this but many non-profits, community organizations and small businesses cannot survive if we don't support them. We want these organizations and businesses to exist when this crisis passes.  

Shop local - We strongly urge our members to heed the authorities' advice and limit your exposure to others. However, support your local businesses and vendors as much as possible. Even many small businesses offer online and delivery options. 

Please keep checking back to this page frequently for further updates. Let's stay stronger together!

Resources for Businesses:

Canadian Business Resilience Network - A National Toolkit for Business Reopening

WorkSafeBC - Preparing COVID-19 Safety Plans at the Worksite

Retail Council of Canada - Retail Recovery Playbook

WorkSafeBC - Industry Specific Guidelines for Phase 2 Sectors

WorkSafeBC - Guide to Preventing Exposure to COVID-19 in the Workplace

WorkSafeBC - Industry Information Pages: Returning to Safe Operations

Canadian Chamber of Commerce - Communications Crisis Guide