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Aug 25, 2021

COVID-19 Update - August 25, 2021

Regional Recovery Guide Available for Thompson Okanagan Businesses
The Okanagan We Got This Coalition is extremely pleased to showcase the new customized regional Recovery Guide for the Thompson Okanagan. This guide has been in the works for months and has involved Chambers through the Valley and business leaders in the central Okanagan.
The resources outlined in the Guides address core aspects of pandemic recovery including:
Health and Safety, Government programming, sector-specific initiatives, and legal and regulatory requirements.


Finishing the Fight Against COVID-19: Canadian Chamber Blog
Lockdown restrictions did not affect all businesses in the same way. Just as workers and Canadians are living different realities in this pandemic, so too are our various economic sectors. Businesses are getting back on their feet at different rates, which is why the next government must not approach recovery as a black and white scenario.
We need to provide the right kind of support to the hardest-hit sectors and the hundreds of thousands of Canadians they employ, and that includes recognizing they will require a longer runway for recovery. A one-size-fits-all approach for sectors like tourism, travel and hospitality will not work. What’s needed now is targeted help.